Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We're Oh So Thankful for Fall Ice Cream

Is it October? I keep thinking it’s November because it’s cold and we just had Thanksgiving … but then I remember that the cold and Thanksgiving come early here in Calgary! Just a Yankee disclaimer … IF Thanksgiving were when I expect it to be …from years of living it like that …you’d all have had to SHARE your autumnal ice cream treats with your families. So … it’s good that everything is exactly the way it is … ahem.

The flavour line up ….

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (Cinnamon Girl). I LOVE cinnamon ice cream. LOVE it. And for some strange reason, it’s just not out there all that often. The Chocolate chip banana bread chunks really complement the ‘scream. It’s like a sundae in a pint … or a cup .. if you take it out of the pint? Thanks Prairie Mill Bread Co. for making such yummy stuff!

Rock’n Roll Gypsies covering Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl. Never heard of these guys before last week, but I’m liking them!


Sweet Potato Toasted Marshmallow … this is an homage to Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn in the 70s. (and 80s too to be honest!) We always had the flat giant dish of mashed sweet potatoes with big pools of gooey marshmallows. It’s a winning combination.


Remember Cracker? They are apparently still touring!  Here's Cracker doing Sweet Potato LIVE in Spain in 2010!

And check out our fancy new label .......sweet! (pun totally intended)


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