Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love Is In The Air

You know those chocolates some people give and get on Valentine's Day ... the ones where there is a cherry in the middle? Well this is my ICECREAMIZED version of that. It's silky and slightly boozy chocolate ice cream with a surprise scoop of cool cherry sorbet hiding in the middle. There a few dried sour cherries floating around in there too ...

It's kiwi season somewhere because they are everywhere. Did yo know they are bursting with vitamin c and really good for you? (Probably not so much when they are mixed with a bunch of sugar ..... but I digress...) Kiwi Lime sorbet is sweet and tart and green. It has 3 ingredients! Kiwis, sugar and lime! It's excellent IF you like tart and kiwi .... of course!


Happy New Year yadda yadda yadda. Here's hoping your resolutions don't include the cessation of sweet creamy treats!

The not so sweet and sultry tones of this liquored up 'scream and the occasional crunch of the pecan brittle is the hair of the dog you need after all that New Year's partying.

The Lemon ice cream is super tart and lemony and the meringues are as light as a feather.(if I do say so myself and I do ...)The chocolate just adds that little something to take it over the top.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas is Nigh....

It’s December and the holidaze are in full frontal assault mode. We did the Hillhurst Sunnyside Winter market yesterday and sold out in 2 hours! People are insatiable and those are my kind of people!

This month … to take the edge off the frantic rush I present to you ….

Boozy Eggnog Ice Cream and Pomegranate Prosecco Sorbet…

BOOZY EGGNOG is a rich and luscious concoction of holiday spirits, spices and cream. It is beautiful by itself or would elevate even the most humble pie to fantastic heights!

POMEGRANATE PROSECCO SORBET is so clean and beautiful you will want a bathtub full. Seriously, the first bite is such a pleasant surprise of not too sweet, not too tart, not too hard, not too soft … JUST RIGHT cool clean refreshing flavour.

Starting Friday December 6th, Ice Cream Anarchy will be for sale at Sunnyside Natural Market in Kensington. I’ll be tweeting the flavours as they roll in and out so you will know when to run down there. Spread the word.

Monday, November 12, 2012

November (you know, the cold month in between Thanksgiving and Christmas?)

I'm gettin festive y'all.

I've sidestepped Halloween all together and NOT given in to my baser instincts .... So .. I didn't whip up  a flavour called Halloween Trash ... which would have been a creamy chocolate base with ALL of my kids Halloween candy broken up into it! I think it would have KILLED ..actually ... but it's not in my mandate and my boys would have killed me in my sleep. Truth.

Instead ... you lucky delivery recipients are getting:

GOAT CHEESE & WHISKY FIGS ... Beautiful goat cheese ice cream courtesy of Noble Meadows Farm swirled with dried figs that have been brought back to plumpness with the help of ....whisky. It is sophisticated ice cream eatin' and you wont find it anywhere else ... (I can pretty much guarantee...)

Do you know the band Hoochie Fig? Listen to stuff here:


CRANBERRY CHIP.... Sweet and tart cranberry ice cream with chocolate chips. Is there anything else to say? OH ... it's PINK ... I love pink ice cream because it looks so good next to the ICA logo!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We're Oh So Thankful for Fall Ice Cream

Is it October? I keep thinking it’s November because it’s cold and we just had Thanksgiving … but then I remember that the cold and Thanksgiving come early here in Calgary! Just a Yankee disclaimer … IF Thanksgiving were when I expect it to be …from years of living it like that …you’d all have had to SHARE your autumnal ice cream treats with your families. So … it’s good that everything is exactly the way it is … ahem.

The flavour line up ….

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Banana Bread (Cinnamon Girl). I LOVE cinnamon ice cream. LOVE it. And for some strange reason, it’s just not out there all that often. The Chocolate chip banana bread chunks really complement the ‘scream. It’s like a sundae in a pint … or a cup .. if you take it out of the pint? Thanks Prairie Mill Bread Co. for making such yummy stuff!

Rock’n Roll Gypsies covering Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl. Never heard of these guys before last week, but I’m liking them!


Sweet Potato Toasted Marshmallow … this is an homage to Thanksgiving dinner in Brooklyn in the 70s. (and 80s too to be honest!) We always had the flat giant dish of mashed sweet potatoes with big pools of gooey marshmallows. It’s a winning combination.


Remember Cracker? They are apparently still touring!  Here's Cracker doing Sweet Potato LIVE in Spain in 2010!

And check out our fancy new label .......sweet! (pun totally intended)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September s'cream is FINALLY here!

Sorry to keep you waiting ... it's been a real challenge this month due to a serious ORGANIC CREAM drought in Calgary. We've been scurrying around town on a never-ending treasure hunt trying to collect every available drop of the sweet sweet nectar to use in our and your ORGANIC ice cream. Because it matters to us. Does it matter to you too? We'd love to hear your thoughts! While you're pondering ... we hope you enjoy the Back To School  flavours this month. Even if you're not going back to school ... doesn't September and fall always remind you of that day when the summer officially ends and the new year begins? So have a PB&J and follow it up with some Beer and Chocolate Bars and lets get this term off to a good start!

PB&J ... it tastes like the perfect sandwich now banned at schools everywhere! (Organic peanut butter, organic milk, organic cream, organic sugar, organic vanilla, organic Crofter's Concord Grape Jelly, organic agave syrup).

BEER AND CHOCOLATE BARS .. a bittersweet chocolate SORBET with undertones of coffee and Porter beer. (Brew Dog Alice Porter, Green & Black dark and milk chocolate and cocoa, organic sugar, Kicking Horse Coffee, water.)

Sadly there is NO video of this Portastatic oldie but goodie .. but you can listen here.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beat the Heat With Some Cool Flavors

CARAMEL is Salted Butter Caramel ... It's really so simple and so delicious! I served this at the market one day and it sold out really quickly! I thought you guys should get some too! It's organic milk, cream, eggs, butter, sugar and sea salt! The whole is definitely better than the sum of its parts!

WATERMELON MAN is Watermelon Margarita Sorbet ... I know we're called ICE CREAM anarchy ... but this sorbet is worth the deviation from the dairy .. I promise you! It's so refreshing and bursting with summer flavours .. and more than a wee bit of tequila too!