Monday, November 12, 2012

November (you know, the cold month in between Thanksgiving and Christmas?)

I'm gettin festive y'all.

I've sidestepped Halloween all together and NOT given in to my baser instincts .... So .. I didn't whip up  a flavour called Halloween Trash ... which would have been a creamy chocolate base with ALL of my kids Halloween candy broken up into it! I think it would have KILLED ..actually ... but it's not in my mandate and my boys would have killed me in my sleep. Truth.

Instead ... you lucky delivery recipients are getting:

GOAT CHEESE & WHISKY FIGS ... Beautiful goat cheese ice cream courtesy of Noble Meadows Farm swirled with dried figs that have been brought back to plumpness with the help of ....whisky. It is sophisticated ice cream eatin' and you wont find it anywhere else ... (I can pretty much guarantee...)

Do you know the band Hoochie Fig? Listen to stuff here:


CRANBERRY CHIP.... Sweet and tart cranberry ice cream with chocolate chips. Is there anything else to say? OH ... it's PINK ... I love pink ice cream because it looks so good next to the ICA logo!