Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September s'cream is FINALLY here!

Sorry to keep you waiting ... it's been a real challenge this month due to a serious ORGANIC CREAM drought in Calgary. We've been scurrying around town on a never-ending treasure hunt trying to collect every available drop of the sweet sweet nectar to use in our and your ORGANIC ice cream. Because it matters to us. Does it matter to you too? We'd love to hear your thoughts! While you're pondering ... we hope you enjoy the Back To School  flavours this month. Even if you're not going back to school ... doesn't September and fall always remind you of that day when the summer officially ends and the new year begins? So have a PB&J and follow it up with some Beer and Chocolate Bars and lets get this term off to a good start!

PB&J ... it tastes like the perfect sandwich now banned at schools everywhere! (Organic peanut butter, organic milk, organic cream, organic sugar, organic vanilla, organic Crofter's Concord Grape Jelly, organic agave syrup).

BEER AND CHOCOLATE BARS .. a bittersweet chocolate SORBET with undertones of coffee and Porter beer. (Brew Dog Alice Porter, Green & Black dark and milk chocolate and cocoa, organic sugar, Kicking Horse Coffee, water.)

Sadly there is NO video of this Portastatic oldie but goodie .. but you can listen here.